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Lisa Ottevanger / Graphic Artist and Designer

"I am ready to design your most ambitious project"

Happy you came across my website. Welcome. I am an Amsterdam-based graphic artist and designer with 20 years of experience in the fashion industry, graphic design, creative education, and the arts. I have the drive to break boundaries and craft ideas, start a new initiative, or lead a project. I am highly motivated to use my artistic approach, create value for others, and design the spark a client or brand seeks. I translate brand strategy into bespoke visual identity across a variety of projects. Choosing to work and partner with a team of creatives, social entities, businesses, and individuals whose ideas, visions and dreams inspire.

How i work

I believe your identity is the profound extension of your brand’s vision and story that should blow away your new subscribers, new customers or new clients. That deserves a deep dive into your industry and your brand aesthetic. I ensure that my design ideas are something that truly represents you and your business while it will also push you to the next level. I use my heart, my intuitivity, artistic aprouch and 20+ years of design experience to come up with visual solutions for your problem.  Whether you’re a start-up on the verge of something great or a brand looking for a refresh, my branding capabilities will allow you to reimagine your identity.